Military Davits


Welin Lambie has the experience and expertise needed to meet the rigorous requirements for Military davit applications. The mission requirements for both Combatant and Non Combatant platforms in the service of their respective countries have all seen a dramatic increase in the need to launch and recover small boats in ever increasing support roles.

The control and reduction of installation impact is an important factor in davit system selection for all military applications. The restricted space on existing platforms and new vessel configurations require davits that will maximise the available space. Welin Lambie provides all levels of customization in the design and engineering that are needed to provide the right equipment. The introduction of “Palletization” of Welin Lambie designed davits has aided operators like the United States Coast Guard to introduce a rotatable pool of davits for their Cutters Fleet. This provides an uninterruptible flow of fully serviced interchangeable davits for their high duty cycle OTH operations.

Welin Lambie has developed and, some say, lead the industry with electric / electronic falls tensioning to support the migration away from the use of hydraulics on the decks of combatant platforms. This innovation has been developed since 1992 and has been installed on over 80 military vessels and numerous commercial customers worldwide. This further enhances the all electric davits that can be designed to fulfil Multi Tasking requirements.

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Military Davit Systems